About EFNA

The Association is constituted from the professional forest nursery associations or other properly
constituted Trade bodies representing the forest nursery and seed trades of European Countries

Purpose of EFNA

The role of the Association is to represent and to defend the interests of the private producers of forest
seed and plants and of all other activities relevant to the profession and to attempt to mediate between
member states when disputes arise. The Association shall be responsible particularly for giving the
official views of the private seed and nursery sector on all matters concerning Forest Reproductive
Material to the Commission of the European Union.

Histroy of EFNA

The Committee of Forest Nurseries in the EEC was founded on June 22nd, 1962 in Cologne
by representatives of the professional forest nursery associations of the Member States to deal with all
matters relating to Forest Reproductive Material. The constitution was amended at the time of the first
expansion of the EEC in 1971 and again in 1994 on the third enlargement. At that time the name of the
Committee was changed to the Committee of Forest Nurseries in the European Union. In 2007 the name
was again changed to European Forest Nursery Association.

European Forest Nursery Association